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Why doesn't the Database URL show the keys in the database?
AustinCharb (16)

Hello! I am trying to view the keys inside of my replit database, and im using the "keys = db.keys()" variable, then I print it to the screen, but when I click on the URL, it doesn't show anything. I'm trying to use the database to store peoples scores in it, then I want to have a URL so people can view the scores. Can someone help me with this, is there some other way to do this?

Coder100 (18882)

You should not visit the url directly, it won't show you anything.

AustinCharb (16)

@Coder100 how can i view all of the keys?

AustinCharb (16)

@Coder100 I would like to make a scoreboard for al of the scores in the database.


Maybe try getting keys from a input. like when a input is said, then make a new variable and assign it to db.keys() that will save it.