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Why doesn't repl support HTML in markdown and why is it soooooo slow
codingjlu (86)

I was making a MD file, and for one, HTML isn't supported in repl's MD. Also, there's a horrible typing lag, and it takes soooo long for my text to appear on the screen.

SixBeeps (5067)

MD != HTML, they're different languages altogether.
The typing lag happens to some, and I think they plan on their recent globalization to fix that. We'll have to see, though.

codingjlu (86)

@SixBeeps Yes, of course, MD != HTML, but usually, HTML works in MD, but not on repl :(.

SixBeeps (5067)

@codingjlu What flavor of MD have you used that supports HTML? The ones that I've used (Repl, GitHub, Discord, etc.) haven't ever supported it.

codingjlu (86)

@SixBeeps Oh well, I don't know, but obviously, Github works, because the writers put HTML and it worked fine.

Wumi4 (486)

If you have that problem, use a Markdown editor (like StackEdit), then paste it to the Markdown file on Repl. You won't have to deal with the typing lag of the Repl anymore. With Repl doesn't support HTML for Markdown, I don't know what to do with this, I'm not a mod.