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Why does say "unindent does not match any other indent level"?
Steven_The_GuyT (304)

On line 15, says "unindent does not match any other indent level". Does anyone know why it says that? It looks like it does match the if statement above it.

Answered by mat1 (4378) [earned 5 cycles]
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mat1 (4378)

In line 15 you have a double space instead of tab.
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Steven_The_GuyT (304)

@mat1 I think I might need help again. I tried calling my function, by doing roll(), but it doesn't work.

mat1 (4378)

@Steven_The_GuyT On line 4 you're calling roll() before it's defined. Move it to line 30 instead.

VibeDog621 (0)

im also having the same problem can anyone help me