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Why does dark mode keep disapearing???
MisterSirCode (2)

Every time I open the website... The dark mode appears for like 2 seconds, then immediately goes back to light mode.

I used to have an option in my account settings (Worst place for the setting :L) and I could use that to enable dark mode.

Now that option doesnt exist anymore.

I thought there was some weird caching issues or something, but no matter how many times I logout and delete the cache and come back... It always has this issue now.

This is such a dumbfounded issue and I dont get why it hasnt been fixed. Ive finally lost my patience... I waited months for a change but I guess Im the only one experiencing this??

Theres no way this is just me. I experience it on all my devices. Its very aggravating.. My eyes hurt.

Please someone tell me youre also experiencing this... I just want darkmode goddangit.

Answered by VulcanWM (2770) [earned 5 cycles]
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VulcanWM (2770)

Dark mode is only for explorers, so if you don't have explorer in your account settings you can't switch it on.

MisterSirCode (2)

@VulcanWM I turned explorer off because I was experiencing strange issues inside the editor, and I didnt exactly know what caused it.

Is this really only available by beta testing?

VulcanWM (2770)

yeah, unless you want to wait till dark mode is released @MisterSirCode

MisterSirCode (2)

@VulcanWM Thats such BS... Dangit.. So much for my eyes.

Bookie0 (6297)

yes it appears for 2 seconds, then goes back to light mode

yes i had the option

yes it's not here anymore

yes i lost my patience

yes i was also waiting for a change

yes i experience it on all devices

yes my eyes hurt

yes i am experiencing this (was)

solution: no solution. i had to wait. just double double double check you're an explorer, and triple triple triple check you can turn it on on account. try to turn it on and off on the IDE. turn off any adblockers. clear cache again. logout and log back in. try another browser. done that. didn't work.

try to submit a bug report by clicking the 'get help' button on the sidebar:

Then press 'report a bug'.

I had this issue, and it really sucked cuz you couldn't do anything. In the end, I had to get an extension to force sites to dark mode (you can also search for flags on chrome/edge).

In the end, I don't know why, but it just went back to dark mode. That was a great day.

So yeah, best solution is to just wait. Good luck. You can do this!!!!!!! :D

Bookie0 (6297)