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Why do you use repl?
AllAwesome497 (388)

So what I want to know is, why do you use repl? For education, work, or personal use? What do you like about repl?

My Response:

I use repl for personal use, and I like the community is amazing, with very friendly staff. I also like the editor, and its a great host. Yes, it could improve, but improvements take time, and its a free service, so I for one believe that it is great right now.

mwilki7 (1137)

A place that hosts my code online is very handy and have been able to complete projects from multiple locations that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. I mainly use it to quench my thirst for dumb programming ideas that I come up with.

Highwayman (1443)

"I mainly use it to quench my thirst for dumb programming ideas that I come up with"

XD yup.

MatthewDoan1 (336)

Because my school doesn't let us download anything on our Chromebooks, so I looked up online IDE and found this amazing site.

MrMinimax (144)

I use it because I cant use a downloaded engine at school. Plus it is awesome :)

mrileymason (1)

I agree it is super cool and I can't download any of the [email protected]

Highwayman (1443)

I also use it for personal use. I like using it because there are people here I can help, and that’s the thing I enjoy the most about forums - helping people with I problem I can solve. It makes me feel good. Also because the amount of languages on this site is huge, so if I just randomly on a whim decide to try and learn a new language, I don’t need to hunt for a new site and I get an ide I’m familiar with. I agree with the community being pretty awesome.

rediar (507)

Because it lets you embed online. And easy running online too. Ofc, there are some disadvantages, like packages not working a lot.

HackermonDev (2013)

Because my Chromebook can't host nodejs servers

Mendelevium (41)

I use it for random ideas I have and as an escape.

AdCharity (1317)

1) It hosts websites 4 free
2) Github support
3) MY SCHOOL BLOCKS TEXT EDITOR!!! THAT IS [email protected]#$%^&&^%$%^&&^%

EllaFan (2)

I use it for a python class. I'm also using repl to program in general, as I have a chromebook and can't exactly download python on it.

AllAwesome497 (388)

@EllaFan actually, you could if u owned it, but u might not be able to use it outside of terminal/crosh. Chrome is a type of linux.

AdCharity (1317)

@AllAwesome497 very true... Actually, just download linux with crouton and you can pretty much do whatever.

GrantKeo (86)

I personally use it for:

  • Playing videogames
  • Making videogames
  • Sharing videogames
  • And the same with other things, too.

Basically, I use as a way to dispense my digital vomit. I enjoy it very much. Yes, there are a few bugs, but we all have those times, and I believe that this is a great resource for hobbyists like me.

I feel really passionate about programming, and this program lets me continue it.

AdobeZev (15)

I use it because I like coding and this website hasn't been struck by my district's stupid block list so I use this to script code during school.

Kognise (437)

I use because I can spin up a full dev environment for a program in the click of a button that expands to what I need it for.

Just testing a quick function? No problem. Running a production website? No problem. Writing a GUI app? No problem!

WilliamPenrod (41)

Its really handy to be able to just access an IDE for pretty much any language without having to install anything.
Makes it easier to learn new languages.


Better than GDB

Vandesm14 (2645)

I use for hosting, programming while at school, and testing stuff without having to create multiple folders and setup node and such (super easy: click new repl and boom). It's really nice. I'm hoping that they bring in full Github support as the current git stuff is broken and not usable.

PaoloAmoroso (186)

I'm a hobby programmer, so I use for learning Python and personal projects.

What I like most about it is it's a fully cloud tool. I use only Chrome OS devices on the desktop and is a perfect fit.

slip1244 (256)

it's insanely powerful for hackathons
multiplayer combined with src control and live server for html css js development is great

Zavexeon (1186)

I use for personal programming and I like to communicate with the community.

hello1964 (26)

It's free and easy to use.

XanderKleiber (20)

I use repl for personal use. I like having test environments that don't take up space on my computer and I also like to make games on repl because I don't have to have tech support come in to install languages on the school computers.

TramAnhAnh (6)

I use because I love it!!! Does that make sense.

ammarbinfaisal (9)

I'm using it as a node ide lately. Actually for faster installs and http reqs as my net connection is currently slow.
Hosted there and now Im also thinking of moving some telegram bots from a gcp vm to repls...

amasad (3356)

@ammarbinfaisal this is very cool stuff. I'm so glad that you're happy with our service. I know managing vms can be a pain.

BeeJay (3)

Well, I'd love to use repl but I can't. Neither other Pascal programmers out there. It's because repl doesn't provide my favourite language, Object Pascal, through Free Pascal. Our request to repl to provide Pascal language seems to be ignored. It's unfortunate.

AllAwesome497 (388)

@BeeJay I'm sure that they just haven't seen it yet. Ill try and bring their attention to it.

AllAwesome497 (388)

@BeeJay Actually they did, ask @theangryepicbanana for more info on that.

BeeJay (3)

@theangryepicbanana That's very interesting! Although the editor doesn't seems to like Pascal syntax, yet. I didn't know we could use our own Makefile. How do I know replt has FPC installed?

BeeJay (3)

@AllAwesome497 Thank you for your support. We really appreciate it.

theangryepicbanana (1694)

@BeeJay the Pascal syntax will come in the next update to the editor, and FPC is installed on any language that uses polygott (or polygott itself), and I'm the one who added Pascal

BeeJay (3)

@theangryepicbanana Thank you so much! I really do appreciate it. It's really helpful for us –pascal programmers– so we can also enjoy repl. I'll spread this good news to Pascal communities out there.

Why not just add Pascal language to the list instead of using polygott?

BTW… I just made a simple demo for using Pascal in here. It shows how to setup repl for Pascal, how to use custom unit, and also demos my ansiCRT unit (as an alternative or replacement for standard CRT unit that can't be used within repl).

theangryepicbanana (1694)

@BeeJay wow that stuff looks pretty cool. as for the question, I don't actually work at so I can't add it as its own repl type, and the devs have been working on other things lately. I'll try mentioning it to them later though.

BeeJay (3)

@theangryepicbanana If you don't work at then how did you add Pascal into it? 🤔

BeeJay (3)

@theangryepicbanana It's been over a month. I just checked and the Pascal syntax highlighter is still inactive. Just a report. Thank you.

theangryepicbanana (1694)

@BeeJay yea I'll bug them about it again today

BeeJay (3)

@theangryepicbanana Sorry for bugging you… but Pascal highlighter is still not there. It's another month in waiting. Thank you.

theangryepicbanana (1694)

@BeeJay one of the team members said it should be out sometime next week (I asked right before responding)

BeeJay (3)

@theangryepicbanana Thank you for the information. I hope it will be for real this time. It's about time because we're about to make a free online course for our Pascal Community next month. We plan to use's Multiplayer feature for the course. If's editor still doesn't support Pascal syntax, we need to find other platform that does.

BeeJay (3)

@theangryepicbanana I just checked it out and yes, the editor now supports Pascal syntax. Thank you replit and thank you to you too. I really do appreciate it. Great job! 👍

theangryepicbanana (1694)

@BeeJay yea no problem! I actually really like pascal so I really wanted to get it added to

BeeJay (3)

@theangryepicbanana Yeah, me too. I think should make it official soon and put Pascal on the language list.

AshwinRR (2)

I use it for school because you can easily collaborate with other students at the same time on different devices. and its coool :)