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Was developing a game with a node.js express framework which required a way to store scores. I decided to store them using players' names (as the game was designed to be played by users)
I came across an issue whilst creating the authentication. A can't actually test if a username exists in the database, as any url with an incorrect username Example: "" just returns the built-in page that says 404, and XMLHttpRequests (due to security reasons) are blocked when access is attempted across domains. I was wondering if it's possible to authenticate against the user database.

Surprisingly enough, it took me like 5 attempts to find a user that didn't actually exist (there's a user called "notauser")

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Answered by anishanne [earned 5 cycles]
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Why do you need to test if a username exists if you're using the automatic auth? you can be sure it exist

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Take a look at this post by
, It is for python + flask but you should be able to convert it to node.js+express, if not you can always ask for help in the community.

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Automatic Auth?
(If you're talking about the "notauser" thing I had to manually type "notauser" into the URL bar and see if a 404 page popped up)

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