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Why do we call projects repls if replit is pronounced rep lit?
UCYT5040 (14)

So I was just thinking a realized this:
Replit is pronounced rep lit
We call projects repls

I used to pronounce replit like repl it, but now that I learned how replit is pronounced, calling projects repls seems weird.

Any explanation?

Answered by Baconman321 (1061) [earned 5 cycles]
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Baconman321 (1061)

If you read the blog post ( you will find out that it is actually based off of the "read-eval-print loop". They officially got "replit" after Amasad said (in frustration might I add... I think) to one of their friends using the replit prototype, "just repl it!". Repls are probably named after the read-eval-print loop or use a read-eval-print loop.

IntellectualGuy (716)

I think it's actually pronounced repl-it

UCYT5040 (14)

@IntellectualGuy Quoted from
We prefer if people referred to us as "Replit" (pronounced rep-lit 🔥).