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Why do upvote's matter?
BlakeLeee (13)

I see so many people talking about them especially people telling others not to ask for them or recieve the dead penalty but I wan't to know what do they even do and mean?

Answered by FlaminHotValdez (441) [earned 5 cycles]
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FlaminHotValdez (441)

Basically things that you get when someone upvotes one of your posts or comments or marks your answer correct in the Ask board. They are useless but typically when somebody has a ton of upvotes they make good projects or answer a ton of questions or have snarky comments.

Coder100 (17039)

Cycles are useless internet points. You get them when someone upvotes one of your posts/comments, or if they click that check mark next to an answer to a question. If you are a redditor, you can think of them as karma.

People just want a bigger ego lol


Cycles are points you get for answering someone's questions, or upvoting someone. They are the numbers beside your number. But they have no real use. I guess they are just for fun. Like if you click the check mark. it gives me five points. if you do something else, it's just one.

IntellectualGuy (695)

Upvotes basically give you cycles, which are the numbers beside your name in parentheses.

Bookie0 (5975)

upvotes don't matter. Since cycles are just useless internet points, some people think cycles do matter because "the more points the better". But yea you can care about cycles, they are kinda useful (to know if a project you made is good, if you made a funny comment, and yes, if you have a lot of cycles then you're most likely an active and long time member of

but yea just don't worry about them, and focus on coding! :)

TsunamiOrSumth (552)

They dont matter! They dont do anything, and dont mean anything. Just because you have 10000 cycles it does not bean you are better than everyone else.

xxpertHacker (860)

@JBYT27 Idk, last I checked, we were supposed to bow to Coder100 since he's a god, and we don't have 10k cycles to compete with him so there's that.

Honestly, back in the day, I thought @CodingCactus would've been at 10k by now and controlled Repl entirely, but I guess not.

CodingCactus (4189)

@xxpertHacker yeah i heard that CodingCactus had to go to school so had no time to make things. But also that they just aren't very creative like coder100 who has like infinite ideas. You see CodingCactus can make any idea that he's had, he just has like 5 ideas per year.

xxpertHacker (860)

@CodingCactus Yeah, the same happened to me. Now, I need to know where he gets those ideas, you can't have ideas 24/7, can you?

Coder100 also has time, like... too much time. You can't be on Repl for more than 24 hours a day, yet we all know he's here for at least 40 hours a day :/

CodingCactus (4189)

@xxpertHacker well the stuff he makes aren't really that complex, its just compared with the rest of the rubbish on here, it looks decent.

xxpertHacker (860)

@CodingCactus I guess that is somewhat true; do you want to work together and put something complex on trending?

xxpertHacker (860)

@CodingCactus Aww... well, it was worth a try.

xxpertHacker (860)

@TsunamiOrSumth Well, I don't have anything planned right now, I was hoping Cactus would've though, you have any good ideas right now?

TsunamiOrSumth (552)


  • Christmas-style game (not text)
  • Plague inc? (idk that would be hard)
  • idk anything else :(
xxpertHacker (860)

@TsunamiOrSumth What languages did you want to do it in?
I was going to create a tutorial recently, and decided that the best thing to create for a Repler audience would've been a game:

Was preparing to do a bunch of simple games in XHTML, CSS, JS, and Wasm.

Do you want to join for that too?

TsunamiOrSumth (552)

@xxpertHacker uh sure we can do a game in xhtml
lemme do my research doe

BlakeLeee (13)

@xxpertHacker bro half my pings are from you lol

xxpertHacker (860)

@TsunamiOrSumth It was for:

But Repl says you know C++, Python, and Node.js, so what would you want to do the game you had asked about in?

xxpertHacker (860)

@BlakeLeee Ha, RIP.
I was going to move out of here soon because of that; don't worry.

(20 pings later I'll stop. jk jk)

TsunamiOrSumth (552)

@xxpertHacker just inv me, its your call on what we can do. ill tag along and research the thing if idk it, and help.

xxpertHacker (860)

@TsunamiOrSumth Whoa whoa, I'm treating the two things as separate.

I'll help you make a Christmas text game or whatever, you'll create that Repl, and layout your plan. You invite me to that. When you've invited me, we'll talk about it there.

When I start with those simple games, I'll tell you and invite you. We'll either have a duo, or a trio working together on them.

TsunamiOrSumth (552)

@xxpertHacker uh im a bit confused ill just inv you to a multiplayer and we can talk there

FlaminHotValdez (441)

@xxpertHacker ya codingcactus probs just ran out of ideas, his projects were good. Either that or he's busy with school since his last project was sometime in july or august.