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Why do libraries keep uninstalling themselves?
DwellerIgor (1)

And here I am again. I have imported flask, but libraries I installed using console just keep uninstalling every 10 minutes. And I have run = "pip install twitchAPI", but where and how do I use it? Maybe if bot can install libraries every 4 minutes WITHOUT SHUTTING DOWN then it will be useful. So I need libraries that I installed using console don't uninstall themselves while bot is running. Please help!!! And flask doesn't help, it just says REPL waking up, but it is not waking up.

Answered by Coder100 (19279) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (19279)

did you install them from packages? If not, you may be missing some meta files that tell replit to install these things automatically.

DwellerIgor (1)

wow! thank you! sorry I didn't know that because im more used to spider then replit. Thank you very much! @Coder100

OldWizard209 (1702)

You have to run the pip command in the shell. And put the run commands in a .replit file, not in a .py file.