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Why do I keep on getting logged out
  1. I know this isn't coding related so mods, feel free to take this down if you feel like it.

So anyways, whenever i go to repl talk these days, I can't spend 5 minutes looking at the projects without getting logged out. Additionally, there are times when I do not go on repl talk at all, then I close repl. then when i come back later, I am logged out (and I do not EVER clear cookies, etc.) and I know this is not a problem for most people but it is EXTREMELY annoying for me to get logged out all the time.

Has this been happening to anyone else?

Answered by RYANTADIPARTHI [earned 5 cycles]
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few things are because:

  • log out image
  • accidental repl log
  • aftermath of log out image

after you see a logout image, you get logged out. Even when you log back in, you get logged out a few more times.

sometimes repl logs you out for no reason. It's just the server issue.

last problem could be a bug. Might want to report this. These could be the causes.


This most likely is the logout image being used:

It hasn't happened to me recently though, but this may be because I set up a filter in uBlock that stops from loading


has happened to me a couple times with the whole logout image thingy and once out of nowhere. Sometimes when i go onto repl in the mornings im logged out when i didnt log out, but to be honest i have no idea why this happens -_-


I haven't had it happen to me really much at all. The only times I've ever been logged out have been when people post the logout image exploit, and that's only when I click on the post.

You say you don't ever clear your cookies, but could there be some auto-cleaning program that does it in the background? Also, how long has this been happening?


@SixBeeps its been happing for a few days now, and there is no auto-cleaning service in the background.