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Why do I get Tracebacks?
SolnLase (1)

I finished the whole project, and tested it in my IDE, and everything was alright, however here I get constantly Tracebacks, no matter what I do. Can you explain to me meaning of these Errors? Thanks!

candies (422)

nothing is really wrong...

SolnLase (1)

@candies then why do I get Tracebacks? /:

SolnLase (1)

@candies yes, but why its keep sending errors?

a5rocks (830)

@SolnLase Presumably because that's what the assignment asks (to error on certain inputs).

SolnLase (1)

@a5rocks @candies ok, thank you both. I submited it on fcc, but not sure for know how it works, and whether that actually reads a code.