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Why can't one change their username?
DanDo1 (6)

Dear Repl,
I created my account through Gmail because I was lazy, and Repl did not let me choose my username. I would like to know the reasoning behind that. Is it to prevent offensive usernames in a "learning environment" Or is it just a mistake on my part?


Mosrod (532)

Email [email protected] about a username change.

HTMLstar1325 (4)

i really want to change my username too. mine is so cringe.

HTMLstar1325 (4)

yeah. they should really let you be able to change it.

PYer (3982)

Yeah. The team should make it so that anybody can change their username. At any time.


Yeah I think if you contact timchen he can change username. To choose your username you need to actually type out your email. I agree that repl should not auto generate username if you just you click log in with google. I can talk to timchen about that.

TheBirdaplierBi (0)

I have a similar situation but the automatic username choice was a bit more unfortunate (at least for a conservative like me)