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Why can't i change website domain?
Xenity (9)

i want to add a custom domain, but i can't do it.. is there a solution to this? (fyi. this is a team repl)

Answered by Mioun (20) [earned 5 cycles]
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Mioun (20)

open your Command Prompt then type nslookup <cname link from replit>

Under 'Non-authoritative answer:' You will see an IP Address.

Make a new A-Record in the DNS managemant. Leave the name blank and set the target to the IP Address what you see in the Command Prompt. This is what you should have:

Save it and link the domain WITHOUT www.

Q: how do i get the cname link?

mordyman (4)

Did u do what the repl says?
Click the URL right there and click the pen/pencil and follow those instructions. Hope this helps!

Xenity (9)

@mordyman i don't see the pencil icon though..

mordyman (4)

@Xenity weird maybe then it doesnt work on team repls?

Xenity (9)

@mordyman i think it might be because i'm not the owner of the team.. i'll contact the owner and ask him