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Why am I stuck in education mode

How do I get out of Education mode?

I honestly don't even know how I got put into it in the first place but now I am stuck and can't do things like comment on spotlights.

Please help!


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Are you using a school administrated account?


@FloCal35 nope.


If you are under 13, you will stay in Education Mode. If you are not. then well, if you are in an education team, then you have to leave from there I guess. Or maybe check you settings.


@OldWizard209 where would I find that in my settings?


nvm, settings doesnt have that. Are u under 13? @cuber1515




and im not in a team


wait a minute, how are you commenting rn when u r in education. does it give a warning that u r in education mode????. Ur problem is that u cant comment on spotlight pages, and that can be because the owner has not allowed comments. @cuber1515


No whenever I try to comment on the spotlight pages it says that I can't because I'm in education mode, even to my own spotlights, but it says nothing about post's and comments on posts @OldWizard209