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Who would like to make a 3D backrooms game with me?

SO I would like to make a 3d game and i was just brainstorming ideas when I watched a video about, you guessed it "The Backrooms" but, I am very stupid and dont have very much experience with 3D but I will do some research

The Plan

My plan will be to first, IF POSSIBLE to make a "simple" game engine to make coding easier. After that I plan to make a 3D maze with portals throughout it that can set them bak or forward but there is an end and like in the real backrooms there will be multiple levels with different things(they will come out in different updates). The maze wont be infinate though it will feel that way just REALLY hard to beat the whole thing.

If someone accepts, thank you very much!

also the language will be html,js,css.

Or just any language that supports 3Dgraphics