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Who to Install Packages in Python
ViekMishra (0)

Helllo Guys how to install packages like i want to install pywhatkit put i don't known to install packages in python
Please Help Me out

ch1ck3n (1626)

in the sidebar, click on the 3d box thing. then search for whatever package you want to install and the first result should be it. click on it and click install

ch1ck3n (1626)

@ch1ck3n edit: it's a plus icon

Codejira (173)

pywhatkit is on PyPi, so basically it's as easy as typing

pip install pywhatkit

in your command prompt. On Linux it may be pip3.

Instead of installing every package system wide, you can consider running your projects in virtual environments. Packages get installed per project then.

See python venv. It's easy and highly recommended.

EDIT: Oh, wait, do you mean on Replit? That's even easier. See