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Which is the best programming language to learn.

Say I want to get into Google's application/software department, What language should I focus on exept HTML,JS,CSS.


I can’t speak from the standpoint of google or any other company due that matter, but I can say that C is the way to go. Is it outdated? Yes, but the fact still remains that C will give you a solid base in programming and computer science. From there experiment with different languages but remember that in the end a programming language is just a tool to do something.


@IMayBeMe Im just 13 years old but I see some point in learning C deeply.


Well there is no "One best language" or one that google prefers. General purpose languages like Java, C/C++, C#, Objective C, Python, JavaScript, or Go may be useful. If you're pertty new to programming. I'd suggest starting with something like Python or JavaScript then go from there.


@Saml2020 Ok thanks.I am qiute experienced in the web frontend languages.
I have just started learning Java,C++,C# & Python.