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Which Markdown parser does Replit use?
ZacharyRude (9)

I haven't been able to find any good information on Google Search, so exactly what Markdown parser does Replit use, and how can I load it on my web page?

Coder100 (19277)

Personally, there really isn't a difference between the specific parser -- most results are similar enough, and overall I actually don't like the replit parser -- escapes are absolute garbage

Coder100 (19277)

I believe they now use the github flavored markdown.
So maybe that means they use showdown?

ZacharyRude (9)

@Coder100 So, how do I load it into a web page?

Coder100 (19277)

what do you mean load it into a web page
you use whatever lib you choose! @ZacharyRude

ch1ck3n (2866)

every markdown parser is the same

Coder100 (19277)

no, they vary by implementation -- like some languages :eyeroll: @ch1ck3n