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Where's the "Share" button?
nasuoa (0)

Not sure if I've gone crazy, but I cannot find the "Share" button that I used to have on my Repls? I would like to get the iframe HTML code snippet so I can embed the Repl in my webpages. Has this been removed?

nasuoa (0)

UPDATE: Thanks to all the responses. Unfortunately it looks like the quick-and-easy button that gives you the iframe code to immediately embed your Repl in your own blog, etc has disappeared. While I understand there a new "Publish" thing, it's not what we want. We aren't looking to "publish" our Repls, but instead just want to embed it in our own blog without having to go through extra steps to upload a description, cover image etc. Anyway, we sorted it out by just recreating our own iframe code snippet. Hopefully they'll bring back what was a nice and easy way to get this.


Hi! So the "Share" button was unfortunately removed to make way for publishing on Repl Apps. Now, instead of "Share", you have the publish button. Hopefully you figured it out by now.

nasuoa (0)

Thanks for the replies, it's sad to see the iframe code snippet gone. I had a quick look at the new "Publish" option, but it's not what I really want to do. I'm not looking to publish my Repl, all I want to do is have it embedded in our course website. We've been doing this in the past semester, but now looks like we have to go through a more strenuous "Publish" process which is definitely more work than it's worth.

Can someone from the Repl team please confirm we can no longer do this?

Thanks heaps.

InvisibleOne (3197)

It's gone, but you can still share stuff in the share space. Just go to it and press the "add post" button from there.

IMayBeMe (530)

It has been removed due to the new apps feature on replit,