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Where to learn node.js?
LeoXu2 (32)

I was thinking about learning node.js but idk where. can you peeps send videos or something pls. thx!

Answered by Coder100 (16759) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (16759)

Node.js isn't the best starting language, you should learn web development first, then you will be able to understand the concepts easier and learn more about the stdlib instead of working your way through the syntax.

Anyways, try this:

RohilPatel (1534)

W3 schools isn't that great. I agree with the fact that web development is where you should start, and I started with khan academy, so it helped @Coder100

LeoXu2 (32)

@RohilPatel ayo me too (but I did the processing js one)

Coder100 (16759)

so what are you going to do lol @LeoXu2

RohilPatel (1534)

I did the html js one LOL @LeoXu2

JoeyRueff (28)

Orielly tends to make good books if you're looking for a book. Otherwise, you'd probably be best using their website: