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When would natively support node 16 and above?

While there are numerous methods on the internet for example this article on upon how to upgrade your repl to node version 16 I am here to enquire when would we receive native support for version 16 on our repls by default. while many services around such as glitch have already provided support for version 16 playgrounds we are yet to receive a response from the team, if there are any updates/anything known, please let me know.

Eagerly waiting for an update from's end :D


Upgrading to Node 16 on Polygott would break some things, which is why it hasn't been done already.

There is, however, a NodeJS 16 template running on Nix.

This is why Nix > Polygott.


@SixBeeps so they would not be upgrading it as default sooner correct?


@ZeroDiscord I'm not the Replit team, so I can't say for sure. The Nix method has worked perfectly for everything I've ever needed from it though, so I wouldn't even worry about the default Node Repl if you're working with higher versions.