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When will we be able to update language versions?

Right now, there are at least 3 languages that I know that are out of date on

Python - Replit current: 3.8.2 - Actual current: 3.9.6
Rust - Replit current: 1.44.0 - Actual current: 1.53.0
Golang - Replit current: 1.14.7 - Actual current: 1.16.6

I'm sure that there are other languages that lack updates as well. The last post that I was able to find on this topic was here:

That was almost 3 years ago.

I would really like to be able to use current features in the languages I use, but I have no possible way to update them myself. I tried to load into a bash environment to update Rust using this method, but it didn't work:

If I had the ability to update the languages myself, I would happily subscribe to the "Hacker" version of


Replit has nix now, so if you can find the nix package for the language, you can use it!


Also to answer the actual question, Replit is (hopefully) reworking the languages to get up-to-date languages for all current supported languages.


@RayhanADev is there any sort of timeline for this? It seems like that was the answer 3 years ago as well, but nothing changed :/


@TylerBelfield nah right now it seems the Replit team is focused more on launching Apps than updating its languages :(. I do encourage you to try Nix until they get the other languages running.


No need to use hacker buddy, try out Nix!

You can run a nix environment and import packages for the most up-to-date versions of (pretty much) any language. For more info: