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When is explore coming out?
ebp11 (42)

What is the launch date of the Explore feature? (Not the talk section. You might have to have an Explorer's role for

Answered by DynamicSquid (5024) [earned 5 cycles]
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DynamicSquid (5024)

Monday for Explorers, and hopefully Wednesday for public

ebp11 (42)

@DynamicSquid , thanks, but it would be great if it came out today.


@ebp11 Ikr :(

Bookie0 (6365)

@ebp11 Well not everything came come when you want it lol, I suppose they're still finalizing aspects. :)

DynamicSquid (5024)

@ebp11 Me too... but Replit is still working on fixing some minor bugs with Explore right now.

Baconman321 (1103)

@DynamicSquid oOOOOOF, my site aint finished yet! :(

I mean, it is but it isn't but it still needs the tutorial to be finished :/


Not sure, but estimated 1 week - 2 months.

ebp11 (42)

@novaflippers I expected it be to be out by today. (For explorers... in the beginning)


@ebp11 OHHH YOUR TALKING ABOUT THAT, srry wrong info