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What's your most impressive repl?
katyadee (1299)

What's the coolest repl you've ever created? For me, easy - it's any of the newsletters.

mwilki7 (1134)
This story scrambler I made has made me laugh way more than it should have.
A lot of fun to make and a lot learned while making it.

katyadee (1299)

@mwilki7 How'd you make it? what did you learn?

mwilki7 (1134)

@katyadee Learned how to do file I/O with nodejs and how sync vs async functions work.

The program string replaces special characters with a randomly selected word from a giant text file.

Only adjectives, nouns, and verbs are swapped so the structure of the sentences are still there. You may end up with a story that makes sense or none at all.

Aloeb83 (57)

Mine is probably this one. It's not much, but it was used for my first ever entry in one of the Repl contests, specifically the tutorial one.

katyadee (1299)

@Aloeb83 That's awesome! No need to qualify it with "it's not much." Just getting the work done is often v. cool.


oh thats not easy, i have so many. Alot of them are in my portfolio a privite repl
but, outside my web portfolio is

And in my web portfolio is or

rogerio_neves (6)

@vvc Your demos are impressive. Do you make web art for work?


@rogerio_neves my and my friends

theangryepicbanana (1699)

My most impressive repl is probably this, which is an app I made a while back where you could draw/paint in the terminal. Hardest part was trying to read mouse input from raw ANSI codes.

ash15khng (722)

@theangryepicbanana Yeah, how do you even do that?

ash15khng (722)

@theangryepicbanana Lol rip I was hoping to learn how to do that

mat1 (4456)

@theangryepicbanana it's not that hard, i just looked at the source code for xterm.js to figure out what terminal sequences to send and receive.

AdamBrstell (0)

My coolest repl is a snake game i can show if yoou want go and look at this

rogerio_neves (6)

I gotta say this is pretty cool.

AllAwesome497 (399)

a bit late, but ill still answer ;). anyways i think my ASB (All seeing bot, a moderation bot still in development built around customization)
Beta is gonna be released soon, although i need to transfer my database as my current one is a bit slow.

CSharpIsGud (1070)

Mine is definitely a lua interpreter written from scratch
Lua Interpreter
Wish I could say that it was not much, but it was hours of pain and they get better after each iteration!

Thehappysquid (52)

Rapbattle vs. Computer. In it, I gave the computer common words in rap songs, besides swears, and I allowed the computer to generate rap lyrics. Your job, as the human, was to type in your rap lyrics and waste your day in an infinite rapbattle.

katyadee (1299)

@Thehappysquid Did you submit it to our Music Challenge?! :O

SPQR (595)

Probably the game thing i'm working on right now (not much to look at at the moment, it's more the potential of the project that I think is impressive)

Oh yeah or this
But can replit run doom

Geocube101 (645)

Mine is this chatroom.
It's not done yet (user data isn't properly saved and uploaded to and from the server) but it does support chat and individual rooms

This is still very WIP

ebest (672)

Mine is definitely 101% this. It's insane!

JackFly26 (111)

Mine was probably my os jam suission. I'll link it in a bit.