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What's your favourite (web) programming language?
xfinnbar (82)

Hello! I was wondering what people think is their favourite programming language for the web.

"dUh ItS jAvAsCrIpT iTs ThE oNlY wEb PrOgRaMiNg LaNgUaGE"

I am talking about backend development (APIs, servers, etc.)


I am talking about backend development (APIs, servers, etc.)

That's called a framework btw


Flask for Python, or Rocket for Rust.

xfinnbar (82)

I like Python + Flask as it is extensible, easy to use, powerful and reliable (not on replit). My only gripe is that it does not support any kind of database modelling. It's not a huge deal I suppose as people are moving towards document databases like Firestore and MongoDB now.

GameDev46 (207)

Node.js XD It is so easy to create an API with it

Coder100 (18109)

web programming language
and then backend


anyways nodejs or nextjs, they are super useful, easy to use, and react

VulcanWM (2756)

Lmfao I was doing it for my maths homework @xfinnbar