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Whats Explore going to be like
zaydi (10)

That new feature Explore what's it going to be like?
And please move it under my just makes it much more sense.

Coder100 (18057)

Repl talk but it's in spotlight pages.

It's probably going to look like the templates page


This is not even out yet so none of this is final, please be patient and the changes will be rolled out soon

Coder100 (18057)

Also did you submit a repl 😏 @zaydi

ch1ck3n (2027)

@Coder100 i submitted 5

how will it even be sorted

AndrewMarkarian (21)

@zaydi Possibly they could move the explore down. Maybe they are going to get people to post repls there and then move it down. Personally I think it isn't going to stay on the top forever.

AndrewMarkarian (21)

I agree it should be under talk. Don't you think they are going to be similar?

zaydi (10)

yeh prolly just like talk but only share with 0 description or talking @AndrewMarkarian