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What text editor/IDE is the most similar to repl?
Wilmor21 (101)

It frustrates me to use a different editor and switch back and forth all the time. If I were to find one that shares the most with repl, what would it be? Also, will repl ever become a desktop application?


codingjlu (194)

VSC uses the same text editor software I think.

ch1ck3n (2042)

visual studio code or monaco

hayaodeh (199)

I'm sorry that you're feeling frustrated, many people are trying to custom their repl workspace to mirror their local IDE's, we're trying to fix this soon with customization, it'll allow you to custom your workspace environment on that way you can always have your preference. Do you think this might help?

Wilmor21 (101)

That would be amazing. I didn’t mean to come across as angry - reply is great. Customization would make it better though.


timmy_i_chen (1180)

Regarding a desktop application, see this question (they could probably use your input there, as we want to know how we can help you with your goals)

Regarding what text editor/IDE, we're switching over to a new editor called Monaco, which is based on VSCode. You can play around with the new editor in languages such as HTML/CSS/JS, Nodejs, Express.