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What should I make?
VulcanWM (2766)

I’ve been thinking of making some bigger kind of version of the Straw Market I made in Drinks Cabin (using json to make it less slow) or some sort of counter like the one CoolJames1610 made, but with flask, logging in so it keeps your counting stats and maybe different counting servers so it can be a competition.
Do you guys think I should make a Stock Market, a counter or something else?

FloCal35 (668)

Yes, the Straw Market could use a rework

IntellectualGuy (823)

I think the stock market would be good, and also you should probably really change up your CSS, because the game has potential.

VulcanWM (2766)

Okay stock market is is
Sure I’ll try just exploring css in the next few days so I can improve @IntellectualGuy