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What should I make next?
Bunnytoes (113)

I need some ideas for what to make next, I also would like someone to help me with it
just things I can make in c#

Answered by InvisibleOne (2934) [earned 5 cycles]
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InvisibleOne (2934)

Do you have access to unity? It's a pretty cool game engine that uses c# and you can make some pretty awesome stuff with it. Anything from a simple maze game or a full-fledged FPS or RPG.
There's a lot of cool stuff you can make with C#

  • Text based RPG's
  • I think you can make your own language in c#
  • Backend for websites with .NET
  • How about a webscraper?
Bunnytoes (113)

@InvisibleOne yes I have Unity. I would like to make a puzzle game but I don't know how I would do that

InvisibleOne (2934)

Then I would suggest starting with the basics of that. Make some maze games or simple shooting games. I haven't used unity much because I don't have a computer that can run it anymore, but I used to do a lot with the old blender game engine (BGE). And I made two player tank games, platformers and a few first person shooter type games. @Bunnytoes

Bunnytoes (113)

@InvisibleOne Thanks, but I meant some ideas for stuff I can do it replit

InvisibleOne (2934)

Because I don't have unity I don't know the exact specifics, but a bunch of people have hosted unity on here. @Bunnytoes