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What should I do now?

I have ran out of ideas for projects in Python now, so I was thinking of learning game development in Javascript.
Should I continue making things in Python (websites), or start learning game development in Javascript?
If you thinking continuing making things in Python, list below the things you think I should make. If you thinking I should start learning game development in Javascript, list below the tutorials you know for this.


USE Unity to make 3d games!


yeah im going to try that, know any good tutorials? @pzrepl


@VulcanWM uhh unfortunately no... ask coder100 he made some on itch lol


Try game dev by starting with animation on a canvas element.


thanks i'll try that @ruiwenge2


I myself tried the game dev few days ago. I first tried learning ThreeJS, then Canvas Game Dev, but all the free tutorials are as boring as my history class at school.Nevertheless here ya go:

Right now, I am making a recreation of Dank Memer in Node. And about Python, you could work on maybe blockchain projects. But right now, the scope of Python is decreasing so i think you should start with Node.

PS: If you want, you can join me on making the Dank Memer Project. I have got the frontend ready and maybe we could do the backend together?

I am also running out of ideas real fast and if you are working on a project in Python ask me and I can join,.


I don't know node right now and I'm planning on learning some frontend stuff, so i'll try those tutorials @OldWizard209


I would say do javascript, you can use it with unity(some of my friends do that) and I suggest your should


yeah im going to try that, know any good tutorials? @Bunnytoes