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🎶 What music do you listen to while you code? 🎶
katyadee (1288)

I listen to Hot Sugar while I write the newsletter.

Here's a favorite album.

I hear a lot of people listen to video game soundtracks. Is it true that's the best music to code to?

HazTheWaz (290)

I usually listen to what Spotify recommends me (their algorithm is really accurate) or what i already have in one of my playlists.

Also, video game soundtracks are good because they're made to help you focus 😃

katyadee (1288)

@HazTheWaz What do they recommend to you, usually?

HazTheWaz (290)

@katyadee songs similar to my playlists(*cough* shameless plug), like my release radar currently has Dancin' (CG5), Sunshine(Nightcore), BREAK LAW (Dog Blood), Stronger (TheFatRat), all of these were chosen by their algo. (Honorable mention to the ones in my Daily Mix playlists tho)

GaelDibiase (0)

I have been more into r&b but recently I started listening to Wilbur soots album your city gave me asthma and its really good to listen to while doing something

Rachniotov (0)

I usually listen to lo-fi or some normal house music

ryanhcode (89)

Undertake music for sure. It’s great and not too distracting.

ash15khng (721)

I'm weird but I can't focus when I listen to music, so I don't even know why I'm posting this.