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What language should I use?

Hello! I was learning JavaScript on Khan Academy and I'm not exactly sure which language I should use while making programs using that JS on The repl I'm working on right now (which I've linked to this post) is one that I have made using my knowledge on JS from Khan Academy but the code is not running. Is there a problem with the code, or do I need to change the language? And if so, which language?

Coder100 (17018)

oops you made a mistake

it is not super easy to port from ka code to replit code, ka has a really really different programming environment.

Try my repl:

also maybe consider learning p5.js

and also perhaps learning real js too.


@Coder100 oh okay, thanks.

notGilbert (73)

you'll need a index.html file that links your js file for the game to be shown in the browser


@notGilbert so i start from a HTML/CSS/JS template?