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What language for a game?
superdudedjman (2)

Hi guys,

So i want to know what coding language to learn and use for my school project game. I want it to either support 2D or 3D and works on replit. I even need to add mobile controls to the web game since my class uses iPads. I have finished the menu of the game. You can see it here Any answers are gladly appreciated!

Coder100 (18059)

A good game engine would be unity!
You can install it:

If you want to do it in js, you could either use p5, pixi, or nothing and just js!

superdudedjman (2)

@Coder100 Thank you but i would like to keep my projects in replit. When ever i get a laptop i will take your advice.

InvisibleOne (2932)

You can use javascript with p5 or three.js on the web, or maybe Kaboom js, those would be my suggestions, unless you want to use a real game engine of course.