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What kind of servers do you use? what are the specs :P
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You use a server service as AWS or Digital ocean??

Answered by masfrost [earned 5 cycles]
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Short answer: We're using both Google Cloud and Heroku

The website itself is hosted on a PaaS (platform as a service) called Heroku (which uses AWS under the hood), the reason we chose that is because we're a small team and it didn't make sense to allocate resources to managing our own infrastructure for a basic web server.

Our code compilation/evaluation/hosting infrastructure are on Google Cloud. Google cloud is similar to AWS as it's a IaaS (infrastructure as a service). It gives the full control that we need since this part of our stack isn't as simple as just running a webserver. If you're more interested in what kind of things we do on GC, @turbio is the person to ask.

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Ha ha they often are! As if they are elite staff members in the company. I remember that when our office had our own IT department, it was also like this. We almost had to beg for help. Then our general manager hired it support and services and those external guys started really doing their job well. And nobody has EVER shown to us that we were kind of inferior.

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Frankly speaking I am scared even by the name of this operation. I am a computer dummy. All operations are handled by out IT staff. Although out IT guy is so sassy, I can't stand him.

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very cute