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What kind of servers do you use? what are the specs :P
numcomx (111)

You use a server service as AWS or Digital ocean??

Answered by masfrost (116) [earned 5 cycles]
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masfrost (116)

Short answer: We're using both Google Cloud and Heroku

The website itself is hosted on a PaaS (platform as a service) called Heroku (which uses AWS under the hood), the reason we chose that is because we're a small team and it didn't make sense to allocate resources to managing our own infrastructure for a basic web server.

Our code compilation/evaluation/hosting infrastructure are on Google Cloud. Google cloud is similar to AWS as it's a IaaS (infrastructure as a service). It gives the full control that we need since this part of our stack isn't as simple as just running a webserver. If you're more interested in what kind of things we do on GC, @turbio is the person to ask.