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What is your favourite front-end framework?
xfinnbar (149)

I personally like svelte as it uses a compiler technique (I know Angular has this option with Ivy before you yell at me in the comments) and it's easy to use. Here's a Svelte counter example:

    let count = 0; // variables are reactive by default

<button on:click={
  () => {
    count++; // update the count, no setState or similar things required
  }>Click me</button>

<h1>You have clicked the button {count} times!</h1>

As you can see, Svelte is very easy to use. And best of all, this has a bundle size of just 30KB (minified without gzip), compared to React (minified without gzip) alone's 132KB!

Svelte also supports CSS better than most other frameworks and even has baked-in support for TypeScript, SCSS and Less!

Please let me know what your favourite framework is and why.

ch1ck3n (2359)

pure js gang 😎

IMayBeMe (543)

@ch1ck3n even better idea, use a string in python to store front end code and use render_template to transfer it lol

ch1ck3n (2359)

@IMayBeMe i do not understand what you just said but I agree 113% with you

IMayBeMe (543)

@ch1ck3n it’s an idiotic way to one line your websites that have a backend. I tend to find myself doing it too often though