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What is the language you recommend the most? Why do you recommend it??
qualladoom (357)

Well, the title says the most. Just searching for a new one to learn. Mine is in fact, Python 3.7. I like Python 3.7, because it runs on like everything, even on my small raspi zero.
Mh I should add that I, in this moment, I speak Python, R, in advanced 8/10 levels of skill, HTML in beginner level, as I do in CSS and C++. JS in mid levels of skill

Answered by Kognise (437) [earned 5 cycles]
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Kognise (437)

My recommended language is JavaScript. Why?

JavaScript can run in many places, anywhere from inside web pages in your browser to scripts running in Node.js to completely standalone programs to even mobile apps! This results in a lot of flexibility and also means that you can write full-stack applications with only JavaScript.

Very popular
JavaScript is very popular and has a giant community. From subreddits to Discord servers with tens of thousands of members it's very easy to get help. In fact, according to the 2019 StackOverflow Developer Survey, 67.8% of all respondents and 69.7% of professional developers use JavaScript.

Large ecosystem
NPM, an extremely popular JavaScript and Node.js package manager, has over 800,000 packages and that number is increasing by over 400 per day according to Modulecounts. This is over 4.5 times that of PyPI, Python's package index. JavaScript also has amazing editor support: the open-source code editor Visual Studio Code has rich autocompletion and even inline documentation for JavaScript and TypeScript which improves the developer experience a lot.

New features
New features are being added to JavaScript all the time, adding even more flexibility and improving readability and ease of development. With tools like Babel you can write code with new syntax before it's even supported in browsers, and everything is always backwards-compatible. I would go as far as to say that many of these make code more readable and understandable than even Python.

As a second choice, I'd recommend Go. It's an extremely performant compiled programming language originally built by Google. It's designed to be simple, reliable, and readable.

There are a lot more things I could add, but I have to go practice the cello now. If anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment and I might make an edit. If you found this answer useful I'd appreciate any upvotes I can get.

qualladoom (357)

@Kognise Thanks for thatclomg text, I might look into go sometime. Btw, the guitar is much cooler than the cello.

katyadee (1273)

@Kognise Wow! This is a great answer

ArchieMaclean (913)

@enigma_dev @Kognise And believe me, Kogs knows what he's talking about :P

BJA (1)

@Kognise Great post! Thank you so much for showing the pkg package; I don't know how I went this long without it

Steven_The_GuyT (303)

@Kognise Cool! Nice answer. I may start working on JavaScript and Go now!

SPQR (587)

Depends on what you want to do with it. If you're looking for anything web related, I'd recommend JavaScript (and perhaps HTML and CSS), because it's by far the most common and useful language for that purpose. If you're looking to make anything desktop-based, I'd recommend C++, especially if you want to run it on your Raspberry Pi, because C++ is extremely optimized for performance and has a lot of low-level hardware access. However I won't lie to you, C++ is a bit tricky to learn, and a significant step up from python, so only get into that if you think you're up for it. To be fair, though, C++ is the only language I'm currently familiar with, so I'm a bit biased.

qualladoom (357)

@SPQR C++ is really great, and I looked into it some months ago and did some cool stuff with it. Tho, I may look into it, my level was like 4/10 and I read it is pretty useful while studyin later..

a5rocks (821)

I personally really really recommend python. But then of course, python is also the only lang I know (other than a little js), so that doesn't say much.

As for why, it's because:
a) you have packages for many, many things
b) it's easy enough to pick up, and "pythonic" code is easy to read.

eankeen (2045)

I'd highly recommend JavaScript, and I'll throw in TypeScript there as well.

Beginners can just jump into it. It's so flexible. The package manage is one of the largest out there. You can use it to develop front-end web apps, back-end servers, mobile apps, make games, desktop apps, and more! The ecosystem is huge - sometimes it's hard to keep up, but there is so much useful tooling. Ex. you can augment your experience with babel and transpile from the coolest features - that are hot off the press from the spec!

rediar (507)

@eankeen I’d highly JavaScript?

eankeen (2045)

@rediar Haha, 4am chills. I'll edit that :P

ArchieMaclean (913)

I would go for JavaScript because you can do literally anything with it - games, websites, desktop apps, you name it. There is a lot of online support too.

I would not recommend learning Python because it is really slow, and nobody hardly anyone uses it for actual "real-life" development; it is more used to introduce people to code (including myself).

qualladoom (357)

@ArchieMaclean Can confirm, python is pretty useless. JS is great, tho

rediar (507)

@ArchieMaclean actually, many websites use python! Instagram uses Django, a python framework, and many others use Flask, a micro framework. Python is spectacular for machine learning, and is a great all purpose language with a lot of features.

qualladoom (357)

@rediar Yeah, except machine learning, whereas I prefer other languages for. I doN#t personally like Flask, tbh

theangryepicbanana (1692)

I recommend javascript and ruby. Why? Because JavaScript does not have many syntax rules, and you cando a lot with it. Also because Ruby is not obly easy to learn, it's also easy to make stuff with while being fun

qualladoom (357)

@theangryepicbanana Wait taeb, you didn't say PERL6? Were you hacked? But yeah, I might go into Ruby

theangryepicbanana (1692)

@enigma_dev I like Perl 6, but it's more of an advanced language. Ruby is much easier and simpler.

qualladoom (357)

@theangryepicbanana Well, i was in fact searching soemthing not to easy to master, so I have some fun in holidays. You know me!

theangryepicbanana (1692)

@enigma_dev well then I'd recommend Perl 6 (ofc), Common Lisp, or Scala

qualladoom (357)

@theangryepicbanana Well common lisp seems useless, so i may look into into scala

theangryepicbanana (1692)

@enigma_dev ok. I had suggested CL because it has a cool object system, but Scala is nice too

Zavexeon (1187)

It really depends on your usage.

Webdev: Javascript
General: Python or Ruby
Scientific/Mathematical: Julia
Fast (for compilers, interpreters, etc): Rust

qualladoom (357)

@Zavexeon I heard from Julia and it looks quite nice, I will look into it!

ProgrammerAI (11)

Because it can be used for virtually anything. Server? Check. App? Check. Robot? Check.
Combined with html/JS/CSS, you can make a http server.

p3artschool (20)

Python 3.7 is the language I recommend the most.
python + matplotlib + shapely is best for static graphics
python + svgwrite + shapely + HTML5 SVG is best for vector animation graphics

TheDrone7 (1764)

I'd naturally recommend js. Why?
1. It is widely used in both backend and front end web development.
2. Using packages like electron you can make desktop apps. (Like discord, GitHub and desktop apps which of course you know about).
3. You can also make both native and hybrid mobile apps using js.
4. There are literally packages for everything in node.js, so nothing is very difficult even if you're just a beginner.
5. After you learn it, you might even find out some personal pros of the language.

There are quite a few cons too but I don't think I need to list them here.

qualladoom (357)

@TheDrone7 I can confirm, JS is really cool language to learn. I learned it when I was 11, boi, I was confused by it. Node.js has really packages for everything. 90% of me coding is just saerching packages.

TheDrone7 (1764)

@enigma_dev I'm too lazy to find most packages so I write my own code. LoL tho.

ReshiramWolfu (95)

Python with turtle for beginners, because it makes you used to creating something with a result, and not just on a console

qualladoom (357)

@ReshiramWolfu I am afraid, but I liked Pygame much more than Turtle (It was easier for me to learn the syntax lol)

TristanMisja (36)

I think you should learn HTML/JavaScript, because they're fairly simple and you can do tons!
But python is still something you should stick with, just in case ;)

rediar (507)

Instead of HTML, I suggest the wonderful language Wikitext. Wikitext is essential for editing Wikipedia and all Wikipedia projects. It’s quick and easy to learn.

qualladoom (357)

@rediar Well, I don't contribute to wikipedia that much, so that isn't that helpfu for me.

rediar (507)

@enigma_dev I suggest studying more Python, you could try another framework, maybe Django. Python is extremely readable and has many packages, great for interacting with apis, machine learning, it’s just a great multipurpose language.

qualladoom (357)

@rediar That is 100% true, but in my opinion, I got enough python for now.

rediar (507)

@enigma_dev There is no such thing as too much python.