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What is a debugger and how do I use it?
theamazingplant (3)

I am new to programming, so please excuse me if this is a stupid question. What is a debugger and how do I use it? I look at the debugger and I have no idea how to use it at all.
Please help.

Answered by amaddentcsec (235) [earned 5 cycles]
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amaddentcsec (235)

Hello @theamazingplant ,
A debugger is something you use when you have errors in your code. It basically optimizes the file for better finding errors and fixing them. If you are just starting programming, you do not really need to use them.

PattanAhmed (1397)

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amaddentcsec (235)

I already had this argument with coder100 lol

PattanAhmed (1397)

@amaddentcsec Then you are you repeating this thing?

amaddentcsec (235)

I'm pretty sure I won the argument :)

amaddentcsec (235)

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PattanAhmed (1397)

@amaddentcsec What?

Then start an argument with @HahaYes or @k9chelsea2 to know more!
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k9chelsea2 (785)


HahaYes (1862)

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CodeLongAndPros (1589)

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CodeLongAndPros (1589)

So for python you can use pdb, for c and c++ you can use gdb. I’m on mobile right now, so I can’t explain well. Just Google “how to use {debugger name}"

PattanAhmed (1397)

@theamazingplant Hi,
For your first question:-
What is a debugger

"Debug" redirects here. For other uses, see Debug (disambiguation).

In computer programming and software development, debugging is the process of finding and resolving bugs (defects or problems that prevent correct operation) within computer programs, software, or systems.

Material used from Wikipedia

For your second question:-
and how do I use it?

Well, In the built-in option is going little glitchy these days.
So, it may be a hard experience to use it here in

But from code, you probably Can give a try:-
For Python:- Read here
For Node.JS:- Read here

That's it

Hope this helps

dabs364 (277)

i dont know what u use it for.
I think it doesnt do anything.
it used to work but now doesnt