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What is Repl Analytics?

Where I found it

It was a normal day and as I was strolling through the 3 most trending repls, I saw ch1ck3n's!

Link to the post:

So, I visited the post and then I saw this:

And no, that tracked with repl analytics text is not an image. Clicking that text brings us to{random string with numbers and letters} which will automatically redirect to!

And that's where it all began.

The website and the repl

Now, the site said track analytics for your Repl Talk posts and there's a Replit login button, here's the screenshot of the site:

Then I asked ch1ck3n what it was. As of writing this post he hasn't answered yet.

So that's why I made this post!
I did some digging, went to the repl ( but got no answers...

My questions are what is Repl Analytics, what does it do and is it something officially created by the Replit team?

(Also this might get unlisted because it's not really a coding-related problem, but excuse my curiosity XD)

Thanks and have a nice day!

Answered by VulcanWM [earned 5 cycles]
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It’s not official but it’s just a website made my someone on replit to track how many views your repl post gets


@VulcanWM thanks! Does it only track the number of views though? Btw you commented at the speed of light


Yeah it does
In the badge options there is an option to have the number of views on the badge


@VulcanWM thanks for answering!


hi thanks for visiting my post bye