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What in the world!
mteam888 (0)

I have been experimenting with the Linux command system in the "Bash" language. As you can see in:
<img src="blob:chrome-untrusted://media-app/0d3fb314-3abb-4da4-8bf7-19ca6f87f0fb" alt="Repl inside Repl.png"/>

I was able to run the Bash REPL inside of the Bash REPL. The way I did it is:
1. I ran: $pip install --upgrade pip
2. $pip install spyder ## A python IDE
3. $spyder
4. After spyder loads in the REPL graphic output section, I clicked on the documentation.
5. The hyperlink brought me to Mozilla Firefox, where I was able to login to

So, finally, three questions: How could I get to firefox without loading Spyder too? What sort of windows manager is the graphic output running (the menu says its FluxBox). How could I install a file manager to the window manager?

-The "" program will load spyder.
-As a user, I do not have root priveleges.

Wumi4 (532)
  1. You can use install-pkg for installing Firefox:
install-pkg firefox
  1. The window manager (Fluxbox) is a stacking window manager, a stacking window manager is something like when you have multiple tasks on your Windows or Mac. The tasks overlap on other tasks.
  2. You can try nemo
install-pkg nemo

Or just use ls.

mteam888 (0)

@Wumi4 This answer is incomplete. How do I RUN firefox? How do I RUN nemo. I am sorry, I am a beginner with bash... PLease give it to me in more detail..

UPDATE: I got firefox working with literally $firefox

mteam888 (0)

@Wumi4 nemo is not working:

Wumi4 (532)

@mteam888 Then you can use a CLI file manager, like ranger using the command install-pkg ranger. Then type ranger. Or just use ls.

Wumi4 (532)

@mteam888 To run programs, just type their name. For example, if you want to run gcc (the C and C++ compiler), just type gcc. Also, you don't need to include the $. That is the prompt of the shell.