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What happens to cycles on deleted posts?
SixBeeps (5353)

Ok so say I post something to Repl Talk, and it gets 1k upvotes. I then decide to delete the post. What happens to my cycle counter?

Answered by CodingCactus (4337) [earned 5 cycles]
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CodingCactus (4337)

The cycles are removed from your account

Coder100 (18930)

wrong i get the cycles

VulcanWM (2906)

that could be possible tho looking at the amount of cycles you have @Coder100

RayhanADev (2621)

To the extent of my knowledge:

Deleting a post with x amount of upvotes will remove those cycles from your account.
Unlisting a post (what mods do) with x amount of upvotes will retain any amount of cycles you gained, albiet stop you from gaining more.

In any case, why does that matter silly. Cycles ain't important!

SixBeeps (5353)

@RayhanADev It doesn't matter, just curious that's all.