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What happened to teams?!
codingjlu (484)


I can't create a regular team anymore; there's only teams for education, which you have to pay for; what do I do?! Create another petition???

CodingBlizzard (8)

They removed any links to the page. You can still create one at:

CodingBlizzard (8)

:) You're welcome, and thanks for the cycles! @codingjlu

codingjlu (484)

@CodingBlizzard the button to create a team doesn't seem to work...

CodingBlizzard (8)

huh? it works for me. whats the error? @codingjlu

CodingBlizzard (8)

mabye you have already made too many teams... @codingjlu

JakeHu2020 (34)

sorry for poor drawing
Aivoybia (26)

smh where ur eyes

RayhanADev (2621)

@codingjlu based on some changes I found in the GraphQL schema it looks like their depreciating Teams for Teams Organizations. Not quite sure what this change will bring but as @CodingBlizzard said the link still exists.

Edit: I can confirm that normal free Teams do still exist @FurretDev

ruiwenge2 (1209)

maybe just use multiplayer

rivestoss (0)

Currently, there are two Replit Teams schemes:

  • Free
  • Education

If you can't create any more free Teams, it's probably because you've exceeded the maximum number of free Teams allowed.
However, you can still join Teams (free or not).

codingjlu (484)

@rivestoss you probably don't know what I'm talking about based on your answer

rivestoss (0)

@codingjlu Right, I don't understand what you mean.
Teams still exists, as does their free plan.
Another thing, you might be confused by the two Create Team buttons, this was a Replit decision that even I don't understand :/
What does it consist of?
There are two buttons:

  • "+ Create a new organisation" (this one only allows you to create Teams for Education).
  • "+ Add team" (this only allows you to create free Teams).

codingjlu (484)

@rivestoss oh looks like I need o turn off explorer