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What exactly would you use node.js for?
eh506249 (3)

Now a lot of people are going to see this and be mad that im asking a stupid question but im not doing it to be critical. I was just wondering what you would you use node.js for? I mean, its one of the most used languages when i check share but still i dont know what its used for. Please enlighten me

xxpertHacker (935)

Not much really, it's just overused, like Python.

eh506249 (3)

hey python is useful. You can make gud console games with it. @xxpertHacker

theohalpern (27)

I have used node.js to host multiplayer/non-static websites as well as backend algorithmic logic. It is great for hosting websites because you only need to learn one language for your front end and backed (js).

Coder100 (18071)

Node.js is a great language for server development, and it is a key language in something called react.

React is a way to abstract html.