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What do you like about this code?(open it in a new tab )
TyrickWoods (4)

What do you like about this code that my team and I made?

xxpertHacker (861)

Is this really yours? Seems like it was ripped off of a site and thrown into an HTML Repl...

TyrickWoods (4)

@xxpertHacker No it is not ripped off. We made it last year on June 25, 2020. We originally put it on crazygames, but we wanted to see what everyone on repl thought since this website was the place where we learned how to code.

xxpertHacker (861)

@TyrickWoods Well, none of the /prefix links connect here on Repl.

TyrickWoods (4)

@xxpertHacker Because we originally put it on crazygames.
We had just moved the frame.


It’s great! How is this :

TyrickWoods (4)

@IL2PG Lol Megalovania! I love it!

SorenRood (2)

This looks pretty good! Nice!