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What are you guys coding
Summer881 (0)

i am asking what everyone is doing

Carnage498 (58)

using python, HTML, CSS sort of C++

MatthewWesolows (35)

Working on a game engine for C++ replers because python gets all the attention. (No offense if you like python).

InvisibleOne (3228)

Right now I'm replying to your comment, but my current projects are:

  • A personal website I'm finishing up
  • Some discord bot's, mostly I'm messing with some ideas
  • Planning on making an annoying webgame
VulcanWM (2901)

Some social media site

Wumi4 (540)

I am not doing anything right now. Just surfing Replit. Planning to make some stuff.

Summer881 (0)

do you now what anyone else is doing? @Wumi4