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What are some of the best websites to learn python if you are an absolute beginner?

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Hey guys! Can anyone share some of the best websites to learn python? I don't know anything about the python programming language, and since I am a complete beginner it will be helpful if I could refer to some good sites that explain the functions and modules.

Please share if any of you knows any good websites!

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Here are some very good websites! These have the most basics ideas first, and guide you through them. Once you are done with the basic ones, you can move on to more advanced topics!
But this one doesnt really teach you it without buying the book..

This one has all the topics listed, i would go with the first ones to learn, the other ones require you to know the basics

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You can also use this application -
Links -
iOS -
Play Store -
Note - This app is amazing! Try it please!

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I know CodingCactus made a Python encyclopedia How To Python and W3Schools have a very useful tutorial.