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What Should I Make?
IntellectualGuy (822)

As the title, what should I make?
I know

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • A little bit of TypeScript and Coffeescript
    • Bootstrap 5
    • Font Awesome
    • JQuery
    • Highlight.js
    • Lodash
    • A little React
  • Node.JS
    • Express
    • EJS
    • Mongoose
    • Lodash
  • MongoDB/SQLite
  • Python
  • A little Java
Bookie0 (6267)

Here is the whole list (filter through those you can't do – I'm keeping them there as they could give you some ideas :)

  • pacman
  • battleship
  • choice making game
  • quiz (like harry potter quiz, math quiz, star wars quiz)
  • personality quiz (like which house are you in HP, are you a nerd/jock/popular/idiot etc)
  • tic tac toe
  • pong
  • uno
  • dice rolling game
  • name/place/idea/story generator
  • HTML webpage about yourself
  • text based adventure game
  • simulator (Life sim, cooking sim, teacher sim, fighting sim, etc.)
  • hotel managment game
  • game like Among Us
  • game like Scribble
  • typing test
  • tycoon game (idle factory game, idle miner game, idle city game)
  • minecraft but simpler
  • ascii art/animation
  • url shortener
  • board game (monopoly, uno, risk, game of life, etc)
  • site like another site (site like, google, amazon)
  • clicker game
  • make a tutorial about something you know well of
  • learn a new language (like C, C++, C#, nodeJS, javascript, ruby, haskell, etc.)

If you need more ideas, you can just google on the internet "program ideas" here are some results:

Good luck!

IntellectualGuy (822)

@Bookie0 Do you have any ideas for things like cli tools, or websites with a backend and database that are pretty complex, because I'm trying to build up like a portfolio of good projects.

Bookie0 (6267)

Lmao yeah most of those projects are kinda beginner lol

Maybe you can make a chat app? It’ll have backend and frontend. Or a game like Pac-Man or minesweeper or smth @IntellectualGuy

Coder100 (18123)


  • tic tac toe
  • blog
  • portfolio site
  • simulation
  • calculator
  • code ide like replit
  • urmom
  • forum
  • chat
  • idea generator

ew jquery

IMayBeMe (471)

Maybe design a basic programming repo website, or some sort of website where users can contribute to a common cause.

IntellectualGuy (822)

@IMayBeMe So maybe something like a repo for short snippets of code that people can use?

xfinnbar (82)

Make a JavaScript testing environment, kind of like

JamesGordon1 (150)

how about code yourself a website like I did for your homepage: