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What Happens When "Always On" Goes To Sleep?
CoinzTrader (1)


I set up a 12 hour test last night for my bot, but noticed this morning that there was a 9 hour period with complete inactivity. This bot is a crypto trading bot, so it is highly unlikely that this would happen under normal circumstances....when Always On is activated and a sleep period occurs, would the bot be fully paused, or would it still be fully operational?.

I had run it for a couple of 6 hour tests yesterday, and they both executed without any pauses at all....



CoinzTrader (1)

added UptimeRobot and preset based upon https but it keeps reporting a 403 Forbidden, tried the Keyword setting but that did not work....Ping is not applicable as it will test my home connection as is the Port setting, so I am guessing that UptimeRobot is not the solution....tried to run a test again overnight last night, and again a "sleep" occurred, this time for 4 hours....any other suggestions before I throw in the towel?.

DynamicSquid (5070)

The weird thing is that the bot kept running after the 9 hours, which meant this must have been a temporary issue. I think Replit might have temporarily reset it's servers for maintenance? But I can't say that for sure

NoelB33 (359)

The bot would be paused, but unless has downtime then the bot shouldn’t go down for that long. Once your repl stops it should immediately turn back on from my knowledge with always on unless the error was caused by your bot.

OldWizard209 (1702)

Use UptimeRobot to keep your bot awake permanently. And Always On shouldnt go to sleep. That is why it is Always On right?

CoinzTrader (1)

@OldWizard209 that was the logic I initially applied....but the article about "Always On" does state that it still goes to sleep during inactivity greater than 1 hour. I have added Uptime Robot from other online searches, hopefully that will resolve the issue, I have also contacted Support about the issue so hopefully some feedback there again....thanks for responding.

OldWizard209 (1702)

no problem. I see you have done your research.
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