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What is the BEST online editor for C#????
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Hey guys,
I am starting to learn C#, and I want to know what the best online editor is. Of course I am using repl, but I want a more advanced online editor like visual studio express (which I can't download, since I am on a school chromebook).
I am watching a youtube video from programmingknowledge that teaches c#. But my code doesn't sync with his, so that's another problem I need help with.

Thanks for any help!

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Answered by programmeruser [earned 5 cycles]
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Well, you can edit C# code literally in any program.I can recommend such source code editors as Visual Studio, Sublime Text and probably Atom. Each of these programs allows you to edit and compile code in c#. and not only. Thanks to the extensions, you can add various plugins and other programming languages if desired. Although my brother prefers to use different programs for each programming language. My brother is a professional video editor, but in his spare time he is engaged in editing programs. I hope I was able to help you with your problem.