About the THAIL project
xolyon (343)

Imma ask the people who I know are involved:
@coder100 , @LizFoster , @LiamDonoHue , and @AdriaDonohue

here's a link to their development:

Why are you making this? I know that its a cool exercise and project to do but if you seriously want to make a new language then why? what advantages does it have over others,

That's how I think all the current popular languages have survived, their use and popularity and efficiency people didn't need a whole new language especially if the differences were tiny between them as well as that it's especially risky dedicating yourself to a language no one else knows, so your language must be pretty good at something - to be at least used.

(and also explain this please: `printline = "hello".)

I dunno what that rant was but I think you get my point...here as some examples of modern languages and why they popular

Python: very easy to use and learn .Used for AI and data analysis
Java: I dunno why it is popular but it's pretty good for making games
and apps
HTML : basically e language the web is made up of, quite easy to
learn - not this is a front end language so it doesn't really
JS: goes pretty well with HTML and allows for interactivity on
websites and now games
c++: very popular among game developers and some app makers as it is
a very powerful league and allows for procedural stuff and other
(don't know that much)

Yeah obviously these languages could do anything but this is what they are best at...

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LiamDonohue (291)

Well this language is built for math. The team has been working on tons of math functions

xolyon (343)

@LiamDonohue Oh, nice like the generic maths every language has or some high-level algebra stuff?

Even still what are the uses its god if it has maths as long as you can use that maths for something (for example python is usually a backend thing for a lot of websites)

xolyon (343)

@LiamDonohue and why do you have printline = "hello"

LiamDonohue (291)

High level math stuff like calc @xolyon

LiamDonohue (291)

Idk i just wanted to do something different @xolyon

xolyon (343)

@LiamDonohue lol ok, if it weren't for the [type of data] [variable name] = [data] it would've been really confusing but still quite interesting, hope it works out

xxpertHacker (865)

@LiamDonohue Umm... you ought to look at Wolfram Language. Your already outmatched. Do you happen to be a mathematical genius? Do you have an AI helping you code and find answers? Do you have a cloud server to help too? A massive community? A super easy language to learn? Ehh, you have some competition.

xolyon (343)

@StudentFires I think they doing it for fun really

CaptainAnon (144)

@LiamDonohue I have a few questions, If you wouldn't mind obliging me in answering them I'd be grateful.
1. Do you have a Github repository?
2. Are the mathematics functions written in THAIL or some other language?
3. Can I join?
4. What is the first version of the translator being written in?

CSharpIsGud (931)

@LiamDonohue People have been making math orientated languages since forever, you used to have things like R and Fortran, now we have a bunch of modern ones that took their place

CSharpIsGud (931)

@LiamDonohue A language that is built for math should be made in something like C or C++, especially if it is interpreted

LiamDonohue (291)
  1. Yes
    2 & 4. we will probably be writing it all in js for now, we are using ace
  2. absolutely
LiamDonohue (291)

@lizfoster is the math genius lol, also currently its for math but i want it to be a powerful allpurpose language @StudentFires

LizFoster (648)

@LiamDonohue Awww, no, I'm no genius. You speak too highly of me!wwwwwww

Thank you, though ^ ^*

xxpertHacker (865)

@LiamDonohue Umm, pretty sure she doesn't come close to Stephen Wolfram. Also, I'm a math genius too, me and Liz would work well together! You ought to invite me to work on the language. I know a ton of random coding and computer science stuff that might come in handy.