How did help you this year?
amasad (3535)

We want to feature a few stories from our community and would love to know how helped you navigate 2020. Maybe you're teacher and Multiplayer helped you teach your class, or you're a developer and we helped you collaborate with collaborators. Whatever comes to mind, please share!

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InvisibleOne (3191)

Well, I started learning to code with Lua, that was mostly because me and my brothers were messing around with roblox games, but I was more of a "copy and paste" coder then a real one. After I quite doing that, I got a rasberry pi from my brother and started messing around with that. Since c++ seemed to complicated, I did a python course on codeacademy and started messing around with Thonny. Thonny however had a lot of limitations, and I switched computers a lot so I couldn't edit my code that was on another computer. I also wanted to share my code with my friends so I googled for an online IDE and found Besides allowing me to work together with my buddies and work on projects from different computers, replit allowed me to branch out into all sorts of other codes like HTML, JS, CSS, Ruby, R, and C#